Sunterra Farms Pork

A Look Behind the Counter

By Janis Galloway

Published June 2021

Every June, Sunterra celebrates Pork Month, a yearly reminder of our roots as pork farmers and an opportunity to share our expertise, history and passion for producing high-quality pork and making incredible meals and recipes to both feed and inspire our customers. Our pork offerings are truly farm to table: raised at Sunterra Farms; processed at Sunterra Meats; and then woven into a variety of chef prepared meals, Three-Course Feasts, Meal Kits and of course as fresh cuts in our meat department. Pork is one of many offerings as part of Sunterra’s full-shop grocery experience, but it’s one we’re very well known for.

“What makes Sunterra Farms pork especially unique is the variety of cuts we offer, but also its consistency in flavour, quality and texture,” says Gary Smith, Sunterra Assistant Market Manager and our resident meat expert. “Decades ago, the Price family worked with some of the leading experts in the industry to develop strict standards and protocols for breeding, nutrition and animal health. This focus and dedication to delivering the best pork experience for consumers is what is behind our exceptional products.”

Gary has been a butcher for 40 years – an incredible commitment to a trade he is clearly passionate about. “I love connecting with our customers and giving them exactly what they’re looking for. The biggest thrill for me is putting a smile on their face, knowing they’re going to love it.”

Gary, along with the entire Sunterra team, takes great pride in helping customers find exactly what they’re looking for in our meat departments, and across all our market departments. Developing a personal connection between customer and butcher, baker, maker is a value held in high priority with the Sunterra team, and Gary exemplifies this in the joy he expresses in helping our customers. 

“People come to Sunterra Market and do, what I call, “chew the fat with the butcher,” says Gary. “They will ask about a specific cut of meat that has been a tradition within their family for generations around special holidays, and they can’t seem to find it anywhere. Providing that cut to them and learning about their special connection to this food we produce is extremely satisfying. 

A full-service meat department like Sunterra’s isn’t common in most grocers these days. When you come to Sunterra, you get the full customer service experience because of our open concept that lets you be a part of the process – we’re proud of what we do and not afraid to show it.”

With more than 50 years of experience as innovators and leaders in the pork industry, our Sunterra team loves sharing our knowledge and passion, so customers can be inspired to try new flavours and recipes. 

Try out these different cuts of pork for your next meal:

Bone-in Pork Loin Chop

A very tender, large, wide and thick double cut pork chop you can get either boneless or bone-in often with a juicy fat cap. Check out our Sunterra Farms Maple Whisky Barbeque Pork Chops recipe.

Pork Shoulder

Also known as collar butt, this is the perfect cut to make tender pulled pork just like you’ll find in our Sunterra Farms Pork Carnitas Tacos Meal Kit. Shoulders have beautiful marbling that requires low and slow cooking for the ultimate fall-off-the-fork, flavourful pork. Or, try cutting the collar into steaks and cook up some sweet and spicy Sunterra Farms Southwestern Marinated Pork Capicola Steaks recipe.

Pork Belly

A boneless and thick fatty cut of meat often used to make bacon and pancetta. Try our Sunterra Farms Shoyu Pork Belly recipe for a fresh take on this flavourful cut. 

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