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Meet Your Produce: An Introduction to Our Local Growers

By Amanda Philipow

Published August 2022

When it comes to finding the best produce, we focus on three things: quality, freshness and location. We source our produce from local growers whenever possible so we can offer our customers a fresher, better product while supporting the communities around us. Whether it’s crisp lettuce, fragrant herbs or crunchy carrots, our team works hard to find producers who share the same values we do. Read below to learn a bit about some of our growers and what fabulous fruits and veggies they’re bringing to our shelves:

Lyalta Gardens  |  Lyalta, A.B.
For over 25 years, Lyalta Gardens has been hydroponically growing a variety of lettuces, baby kale, chard, watercress, peashoots and fresh herbs, like their incredibly popular living basil. This family-owned and operated business takes pride in the quality of their products, as well as their commitment to environmental sustainability, including the use of no pesticides or herbicides. They’re also passionate about supporting the local community and provide jobs to many students throughout the year.

Allpa Vertical Farms  |  Calgary, A.B.
Founded in 2019 by Andrey Salazar and Guillermo Borges, Allpa Vertical Farms is one of our newest suppliers. In fact, we’re proud to have been their first major retail partner! Growing an assortment of microgreens including sunflower, radish, broccoli and arugula (and their best-selling mix of all four), Allpa provides a nutrient-packed, pesticide-free product in a fully compostable/recyclable package. Their hydroponic vertical farming setup means they can provide microgreens all year long while using less space and resources than a traditional farm. Sprinkle a handful of greens on your next sandwich or salad for a nutritious and delicious addition!

Gull Valley Greenhouses  Blackfalds, A.B.
With 28 years of growing experience under their belt, the Tiemstra family of Gull Valley Greenhouses are passionate about providing fresh produce year-round to Albertans. Their fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, beans and kale are picked and delivered to markets within 24 hours for you to enjoy. Each fruit and veggie is grown using biological controls, natural pollination and hydroponic methods, too, meaning they’re as sustainable as they are tasty. 

Clearwater Ridge  |  Mossleigh, A.B.
When we say the veggies from Clearwater Ridge are as fresh as you can get, we mean it! Brian Lehodey and Mike Williams work hard to deliver high quality lettuces, chard, onions, beets, radishes and corn that are picked and delivered to our markets on the same day! Using only natural compost and well water for hydration, their plants thrive without the use of any fertilizers or sprays.

Inspired Greens  |  Lethbridge County, A.B.
With a focus on passion, persistence and teamwork, the folks at Inspired Greens provide a reliable, high quality (and delicious) product all year long. Their greenhouse facilities in Lethbridge grow an assortment of living lettuces we can’t get enough of like juicy red batavia and the versatile multileaf trio. They also offer a variety of pre-washed, ready-to-eat leaves perfect for an easy summer salad. The majority of their growers are from right here in Alberta, and they love connecting with their customers just as much as we do. Pick up a living lettuce next time you’re in our markets, and revel in those fresh, glossy leaves for yourself! 

Chongo’s Market  |  Calgary, A.B.
Jason Wiebe knows great produce when he’s sees it. That’s why we source our berries, stone fruit, garlic, corn, beans, carrots and radishes from his market — after all, he’s been finding the best that Alberta and B.C. have to offer for almost 15 years! A self-proclaimed “purveyor of positive experiences,” Jason focuses on honesty and integrity in all his business dealings and prioritizes quality before all else when choosing which suppliers to work with. With the goal of providing customers with a farm to fork experience (similar to our own Sunterra Farms pork offerings) Chongo’s also grows multiple varieties of cherries, peaches, apricots and Ambrosia apples on their own farms, too! We love these fresh fruits and veggies and encourage you to try them for yourself while they’re at their prime.

Sunterra Greenhouse  |  Acme, A.B.
Our carefully controlled glass greenhouse facility provides our plants with optimum growing conditions for peak growth. Best of all, each tomato and strawberry we grow is hand-picked when fully ripened on the plant and delivered fresh from the vine. 

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