Giving Thanks

Interviews with our long-term customers, team members and vendors

By Janis Galloway

Published October 2020

This year has brought us a uniquely special moment to pause and reflect on all we’re grateful for as we celebrate 50 years in farming and 30 years in retail and meat processing. 

We have worked hard to build a culture and community at Sunterra that gives thanks daily to our team members, customers and suppliers who have supported us along the way. In the spirit of the season, we decided to pass the mic to hear what they’re most grateful for, and what makes Thanksgiving such a special time of year. We hope reading their expressions of gratitude bring warmth to your heart and a smile to your face as much as it did for us. 

What are some of your favourite or most special Thanksgiving family traditions?

Kathleen: Our Thanksgiving family tradition is to have a wonderful turkey (and ham) dinner with all the fixings and of course, pumpkin pie for dessert. Our table is decorated with mini pumpkins, candles, autumn colours and rich textures. If it’s nice out, while dinner’s cooking, there’s always time to take a walk through the leaves.

Chris: I have lived in Canada for 21 years since moving here from England. Thanksgiving is not a holiday celebrated in England, however, we have adopted the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a turkey and the family around us.

James: We make dinner, my three daughters come over with their families and we have turkey. Turkey, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts – we make everything from scratch. My main job is always the turkey. My family comes over every Sunday for dinner, whether it’s Thanksgiving or not, and it’s a different dinner every Sunday. It helps keep everyone close and catches everyone up on the week. 

Jason: Thanksgiving traditions involve gathering with family and friends around a dinner table filled with the spoils of a traditional turkey dinner. Over the last couple of years, we have incorporated South American flavors into our turkey stuffing while also maintaining a healthy portion of traditional stuffing.

What do you feel most grateful for this season?

Kathleen: This season I feel most grateful for the health of my family and friends. And grateful that we all continue to find fun ways to connect and show our love for one other.

James: Family and health.

Charmain: In this day and age, I’m grateful that my children and grandchildren are happy and healthy. I have two grandchildren who started kindergarten this year and they are flourishing in school.

Jason: This Thanksgiving has provided an opportunity to be thankful for the very basic things in life that I had taken for granted. I am grateful for family, friends and for the abundance of food I have enjoyed while under the safety and security of my home.  

Chris: With the world events over the last six months, I’m grateful that things seem to be on the way up for us all. Health and happiness are the two most important things you can have.

What do you love about Sunterra and what keeps you coming back?

Charmain: I like the atmosphere, the staff are very nice and accommodating. I love the wonderful smell of the fresh hot cooked food they sell wafting through the store, as well as the Maui marinated short ribs sold in the meat department. They are one of the best things and my family loves it when I invite them over for a fill of ribs. Their produce department is also second to none.

Kathleen: We lived in the community years before Sunterra, West Market Square opened. What a gift it was when this location came to be, offering unique grocery items, farm fresh meat, delicious produce, baking, flowers, greeting cards, gift baskets, a coffee bar and restaurant. But equally as important, is the friendly, knowledgeable staff that instill wonderful customer service. Sunterra is convenient, it supports local farmers, and there’s community involvement like their food bag collection or points donation program. And they lovingly decorate their market storefront for each season.

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