Six Simple Appetizers to Serve This Thanksgiving

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Finger food at its finest! Meat on a stick is a classic bite and we've got a ton of possible flavour combos. Our butchers marinate beef, chicken, salmon or Sunterra Farms pork skewers in our delectable Cajun, chimichurri, Maui, southwestern or tandoori sauces. You can get them in the meat department to cook at home, or head over to our kitchen deli for pre-cooked skewers that only need a quick reheating. Just slather some additional sauce onto the skewers and place on a hot griddle or grill until the sauce starts to caramelize.

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Garlic, spinach, cream cheese - this dip has all the good things! If your guests are a fan of flavour, you need to serve this snack. We blanch fresh spinach then mix it into a smooth, creamy dip for those who aren't afraid of garlic. Pair it with our crispy pita chips, baked with an irresistible blend of butter and Cajun spices. Find both items as well as pre-made pita and dip trays in the grab 'n' go section.  Shop for dip  |  Shop for pita chips

Image titleThere's a reason that tomato, mozzarella and basil is one of the world's most favourite flavour pairings. These stab-ulous applies have fresh, sweet tomatoes and bocconcini drizzled with olive oil, fresh basil chiffonade and what balsamic for a little tang. Assemble them yourself or pick up pre-made skewers in our kitchen deli.

Image titleEverybody loves crab cakes but nobody wants to make them. So how happy will people be when you pull these golden brown babies out of the oven? Our crab cakes are made with sweet crab meat, peppers, herbs and a splash of lime juice to brighten the flavours. Get them pre-cooked in our kitchen deli or uncooked from the seafood department. To cook at home, preheat a pan and fry the cakes in oil for a few minutes per side until golden brown. Transfer to a lined baking sheet and cook another 10 minutes in a 400F oven. Serve with aioli for dipping.

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Comfort food in an appetizer. Curry spiced samosas will warm their taste buds and fill their bellies. Choose from veggies or meat wrapped in a delicious dough. Bake the samosas at 350F for 10 to 12 minutes until they're nice and crispy and warm, then serve right away with chutney dip.

Image titleIt doesn't get any simpler than a tray of olives. But trust us, they'll go as fast as any other appetizers on this list. To get a good variety without having to fill your fridge with jars, swing by our antipasto bar and pick up exactly the amount that you want. We have the tastiest Italian and Turkish olives, like classic Gemlik: renowned for their sweet meaty flesh; orange or almond stuffed olives: hand-stuffed with marinated orange rinds or blanched almonds; Edremit split: uniquely savoury olives with a legume-like flavour; and sun-dried Gemliks: sun-dried and smoked for a sweeter, lower salt olive.

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