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Have you ever bought a head of lettuce just to make a few hamburgers? Or had to get a pack of eight buns when you’re only making four burgers? Or worst of all, assembled nearly all of your burger only to reach into the pickle jar and find it empty!? We can help. Our burger kits come with everything you need: four perfectly ground patties, four freshly baked buns, scratch-made barbeque sauce, lettuce and pre-sliced cheese, tomato, onions and pickles. We've got your back when it comes to barbequing.


Whether you pick up just the patties or the whole burger kit, our butchers have some fabulous flavours to make your burgers anything but boring. Our classic beef burgers are ground daily in the meat department using a two-grind process to get just the right texture of tasty, lean beef. Our smoked bacon and cheddar burgers start with that same lean ground beef, then we add shredded aged cheddar and premium quality Sunterra Farms bacon right into the patty.

Flavoured Patties

It’s hard to top that kind of tasty, but our Greek lamb and feta burgers are strong contenders. Our butchers grind western Canadian lamb from SunGold Specialty Meats and add feta cheese, tomatoes and herbs to make these popular patties. Finally, we might be biased, but our Louisiana pork burgers are outrageously delicious. Made with Sunterra Farms pork, these patties are packed with flavour from garlic, onion, chipotle pepper and a ton of herbs and spices.


Save your tears, we’ll chop the onions. Each burger kit comes with crisp slices of red onion that you can serve as is or sauté lightly for a sweeter flavour. You’ll also get four slices of large, juicy tomatoes, four crisp leaves of lettuce and four crunchy dill pickle slices. 


With all that work done for you, you can focus on searing the burgers to caramelize the meat and help lock the fat (and flavour!) in. This works well in a skillet, but if you prefer to grill them, just keep the heat lower so the juices don’t drip out and dry the burger. Try grilling the burgers on the hot side of your barbeque then flipping them to the cooler side to cook the burgers through. After you’ve flipped, brush on our signature barbeque sauce and top the burgers with the cheese provided – either crumbled feta for the Greek lamb burgers or slices of aged cheddar cheese for the other burger kits. All that’s left is to toast your buns, assemble your burgers and enjoy.

Burger and Smokie Packs on a Picnic


Our burgers kits are quick and convenient, but you can always add a few items to your cart to customize the flavours to your cravings. Sunterra Farms peppered bacon would be delicious atop any of the burgers, or crisp up some Soleterra d’Italia prosciutto for a more subtle flavour. Local produce is at its peak, so try topping your burgers with Alberta-grown radishes or Allpa Vertical Farms microgreens. Or you could slather your burgers in sauces other than barbeque – our market made chimichurri is nice on the Greek lamb burgers and our sweet Maui sauce tastes great on the beef and pork burgers. To turn a burger kit into a full meal, visit our kitchen delis and pick up some salads like creamy coleslaw, German style potato salad, cherry tomato and bocconcini or tomato basil pasta salad for a perfect summertime spread.

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