Fabulous Fungi Facts

Most people would agree that summer is the best time for eating. But we're still a few months away from those crisp asparagus stalks, juicy peaches and bushes full of berries. Luckily, we can get vitamin-rich vegetables all year long, thanks to our old pal mushrooms. Well technically mushrooms are fungi, not vegetables, but you know what we mean. Anyway, mushrooms are grown indoors, in a highly scientific sort of way, so we can enjoy them even in the depths of winter. 

Here are a few things you might not know about 'shrooms:

  • Mushrooms are the only vegetable with naturally occurring vitamin D.

  • Don't wash mushrooms until just before you use them or they will absorb water. To clean, wipe mushrooms gently with a damp cloth or soft brush then rinse them under cold water and pat dry.

  • Mushrooms will last a week or two in a paper bag in the fridge.

  • Cremini mushrooms are baby portobellos, picked before they grow too large.

  • King oyster mushrooms and portobellos have a meaty texture and take longer to cook than other mushrooms.

  • Portobello and shiitake mushrooms have tough stems that you probably want to remove. The stems are perfect for flavouring soups and stocks!

  • Shiitake mushrooms are nearly impossible to overcook, so use them in recipes with longer cook times.

  • Maitake mushrooms are often considered medicinal mushrooms and they freeze well (just wash and dry them first).

When choosing mushrooms, keep in mind that the smaller, paler and less open the cap is, the more delicate and subtle flavour the mushroom will have. If you want bold mushroom flavour, grab a larger and darker mushroom like a portobello. Here's a little more info on our specialty mushrooms: 

Portobello Mushrooms


These are popular mushrooms for a reason, so if you’ve never tried one, we recommend you give it a whirl. Portobellos are actually just aged white mushrooms, picked after their caps have grown into delectable meaty discs. You’ll want to remove the tough stem. Because they’re so meat-like, you can marinate portobello mushrooms and grill them like steaks, or slice them up into sandwiches and burgers.
Shiitake Mushrooms


Widely used in Asian cuisine, they have a rich, almost smoky flavour that can stand up to strong spices. Like portobellos, their stems are usually tough, so cut or twist them off the cap before use (save them to flavour a stock if you’d like).

Oyster MushroomsOyster
These mushrooms taste nothing like seafood, they simply resemble oysters and so hence the name. Oyster mushrooms have a soft, delicate texture and are usually torn into pieces rather than cut with a knife. Their flavour is subtle enough to be eaten raw in salads, but you can also sauté them briefly just before eating.

Shimeji MushroomsShimeji

These curious cartoon-like ‘shrooms are bitter when eaten raw, so sample at your own risk. Much better in tempura, stir fry, stew and soup, cooked shimejis have a buttery, nutty flavour and keep a firm, slightly crunchy texture. Cook the whole cluster or break off individual stems.

Enoki MushroomsEnoki

Enoki mushrooms have a light, refreshing flavour and crunchy bite. Often used in Asian and fusion foods, enokis are great and soups, salads, stir-fries and noodle dishes. Trim the bottom of the stems before use.

King Oyster MushroomsKing Oyster

These meaty mushrooms have little flavour when eaten raw, you'll want to saute, stir-fry or grill these fun guys to bring out their sweet woodsy flavour. King oysters last longer than other mushrooms when stored properly (in a paper bag in the fridge).

Maitake MushroomsMaitake

Also called hen-of-the-wood, maitake mushrooms grow in clusters of leafy-looking fronds. They are premium mushrooms that are a little fruity, earthy and spicy but will absorb flavours when cooked. We recommend you simply saute them in olive oil or a little butter to enjoy their unique flavour.

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