The Best Way to Eat Gruyère

We’ll start with a disclaimer here; there’s no bad way to eat Gruyère. Any way that it goes into your mouth is a good way. Its sweet, earthy flavour is perfect to nibble on as is, and it only becomes sharper and even more unique when melted. Plus, It's a dollar off per 100 grams all month long! 

Although we recommend you take advantage and eat all the Gruyère, we understand that you might not have the time to experiment in the kitchen. Luckily we do, so we’ve taste tested three popular Gruyère-y dishes and rated them for you. 

First up: fondue 

Gruyere Fondue

Taste: The consensus here is, awesome. 

"Nice and sharp, not too salty." 
"Super cheesy with peppery hits."  

Texture: Smooth to start, but it starts to get grainy as it cools. Keep this dish warm as you eat it! 

Overall rating: 17/20 
Delicious and, how often do you get to eat a pot of melted cheese? 

Recipe: Traditional Cheese Fondue

Next: French onion soup 

Gruyere French Onion Soup

Taste: The cheese is more subtle floating in a sea of savoury soup, but still tastes great. (See disclaimer at top). 
"Not cheesy enough for my taste."
"My bowl was cheesy and so good." 

Texture: Melty strands of cheese hanging onto crispy bread are what dreams are made of. Just make sure you add enough cheese for that gooey effect. 

Overall rating: 11.5/20 
Tasty, but just not cheesy enough. 

Recipe: We fully admit to using canned French onion soup, topped with Ace Bakery mini baguette crisps and Gruyère. 

Finally: mac n' cheese

Gruyere Mac n Cheese

Taste: Cheesy cheesy cheesy! 
"Surprisingly good, I'm not usually a fan of sharper cheeses." 
"OMG amazing." 

Texture: Smooth melted cheese in the sauce topped with gooey, stringy cheese on top. If you want more texture, add bread crumbs or panko for a crispy topping. 

Overall rating: 18.5/20 
This sauce is packed with flavour, make enough for leftovers! 

Recipe: Gruyère Mac N' Cheese

Cave-aged Gruyère 
Regular price $6.99/100g 

October Stockboy Special $5.89/100g

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