How to Cook Ribs

June is pork month in Alberta! All the pork in our markets comes from our farms, so we can guarantee the best quality and flavour. Plus our market made sauces and rubs make it easy to get some pork on your fork! 

Since barbeque season is here, we thought we'd jump in to everyone's favourite - pork ribs. Here are two ways to cook ribs, thanks to our friends at Passion for Pork

Chipotle Fennel Rubbed Side Ribs

Back ribs versus side ribs – what’s the difference? Back ribs (also called baby back ribs) are cut from the loin near the shoulder. They are leaner and meatier than side ribs, but cost more. Side ribs (also called spare ribs) are cut from the belly and are very flavourful. They cost less than back ribs but need to be cooked longer for that tender, fall-off-the-bone meat.

Whichever ribs you’re cooking, you’ll want to remove the silverskin (a thin translucent membrane on the bone side of ribs) first. Use a butter knife or the handle of a metal spoon to get under the membrane and detach it at one corner. Then just gently pull it off and you’re ready to play pitmaster. 

Double Points on Pork!

Cooking side ribs: these are glorious when pre-cooked in the oven and finished on the grill. Put a dry rub on your ribs (optional) then put them meaty-side-up on a shallow roasting pan with half an inch of water in it. Cover with aluminum foil and put in the oven at 325F. Cook for 1.5 to 2 hours or until tender. Grill time! Preheat your barbeque on high heat then reduce to medium. Throw your cooked ribs on the grill and baste with barbeque sauce. As soon as the ribs start to brown, turn them and baste again. Repeat this for about 20 minutes, depending on how many layers of deliciously sticky sauce you want. 

Cooking back ribs: Low and slow will get the job done. Preheat your barbeque to 250F, turn off one side and put your raw ribs on the side that’s turned off. Start basting with sauce (optional) after 30 minutes and barbeque until the ribs are fully cooked and tender, usually 1.5 to 2 hours. 

Enjoy Sunterra Farms ribs with earthy wine and crisp beer (for dry ribs) or dry wine and malty beer (for saucy ribs). 

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