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Cake Decorator - Keynote - Calgary

Position Overview :

This could be just the place to begin your career in the field of baking. As a Cake Decorator, your primary role is to build and decorate high-quality cake and pastry products for sale in all Sunterra locations. As a Sunterra Bakery Cake Decorator you will work together with other Team Members to assure that all objectives and goals of the department and Market, as communicated by the Team Lead/Market Leadership, are met or exceeded. You will provide exceptional customer service while serving and selling the highest quality foods whilst abiding by the strictest standards of physical and food safety, freshness and sanitation.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Give every customer immediate and undivided attention.
• Follow through on all customer questions and requests.
• Using the cake production schedule, prepare cakes for the current day delivery and prep for the following day
• Decorate pies, pastries and cakes according to approved Sunterra recipes
• Prepare buttercreams, icings and garnishes and needed.
• Keep department supplies filled and maintained.
• Follow established food safety procedures.
• Keep all cases and shelves clean, well-stocked and properly rotated.
• Maintain accurate retail pricing and signage.
• Sample department products to the customers.
• Take special orders and inform the Team Lead.
• Be aware of new products and their placement.
• Document product transfers, waste and spoilage using appropriate forms.
• Practice safe use of all tools and equipment required by the position.
• Practice proper care and maintenance of all equipment.
• Know and practice proper lifting techniques.
• Report safety violations and hazards immediately.
• Effectively communicate with all Team Members regarding proper department operations.
• Properly package and wrap products for retail sale.
• Wrap and store unused products in coolers.
• Help cross-merchandise product with other departments.
• Adhere to cleaning and maintenance schedules.
• Attend all department, store and training meetings when scheduled
• Answer telephones with proper etiquette when time permits.
• Assist other departments when necessary to facilitate customer service.
• Wash dishes and utensils when necessary.
• Rotate and fill cake and bagel cases.
• Slice and wrap Bakery breads upon request.
• Regular attendance is essential.
• Perform other duties as assigned by Team Lead/Market Manager.
• Maintain a safe and sanitary department. Report all life safety and fire hazards to your Team
Lead for correction. Comply with all occupational safety and health regulations.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Cake decorating/pastry skills
• Ability to follow Sunterra Standardized Recipes for cake and pastry finishing and decorating
• Conduct final mould and final proof
• Ability to work well within a team.
• Can lift a minimum of 15 up to 40 pounds.
• Able to meet physical job requirements.
• Must have a passion for natural foods.
• Able to communicate effectively with others and convey enthusiasm.
• Possess some guest service experience.
• Must be self-motivated and solution-oriented.
• Is available for flexible scheduling to meet the needs of the department.
• Desire to learn all aspects of Team.

Working Conditions:

• Exposure to temperature variations and wet conditions.
• May walk and work on uneven surfaces.
• Requires reaching above and below shoulder height.
• Some exposure to dust, gas, fumes and chemicals.
• Repetitive use of hands with power grasping and fine manipulation.
• May need to use a ladder or stool to reach product or supplies.
• Exposure to continuous background and occasional loud noises.
• Walking surfaces are sometimes slick.
• Repetitive stretching and lifting required.
• Any item over 40 pounds requires a team lift.
• Iteration of duties.

Just like finishing a hard day's work on the farm, working at Sunterra will provide you with a sense of ownership, pride and the satisfaction of a job well done. You'll feel a sense of belonging when you join our growing Sunterra family as well as a sense of fulfillment as Full time and part-time Team Members will receive a discount of 50% off selected prepared foods when enjoyed in-store (these items vary by location).

The seeds of Sunterra took root on the Price family farm over forty years ago in Acme, AB. With gratitude for land that has been in their family for decades, the Price family decided to name their company after the very things that helped nourish their business - the sun and the earth - and Sunterra was born.

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