Vegetables, Fresh

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  • Anise, Fennel Bulb (ea)

    Price $2.99
  • Asparagus, Green (approx 454g) (each)

    Price $7.00
  • Bean, Green (kg)

    Price $6.59
  • Beet, Bulk (approx 350g) (each)

    Price $1.23
  • Beet, Gold (approx 400g) (each)

    Price $2.28
  • Broccoflower LARGE (ea)

    Price $5.99
  • Broccoli, Crown (approx 250g) (each)

    Price $1.65
  • Cabbage, Green (approx 1.490kg) (each)

    Price $3.58
  • Cabbage, Red (approx 1.350kg) (each)

    Price $3.83
  • Carrot, Baby Peeled (1lb)

    Price $2.29
  • Carrot, Cello (2lb)

    Price $2.49
  • Carrot, Clip Top (approx 88g) (each)

    Price $0.25
  • Carrot, Rainbow (kg)

    Price $4.39
  • Cauliflower, Orange LARGE (ea)

    Price $5.99
  • Cauliflower, Purple LARGE (ea)

    Price $5.99
  • Cauliflower, White LARGE (ea)

    Price $4.99
  • Celery, Stalk LARGE (ea)

    Price $2.99
  • Cilantro, Bunch (ea)

    Price $1.09
  • Endive, Belgium (approx 80g) (each)

    Price $0.77
  • Garlic, Hardneck Russian/Purple LOCAL B.C. or Alberta (approx 40g per bulb) (each)

    Price $1.23
  • Ginger Root (kg)

    Price $5.05
  • Inspired Greens Lettuce, Living Green Batavia (ea)

    Price $2.99
  • Inspired Greens Lettuce, Living Green Butter (ea)

    Price $2.99
  • Inspired Greens Lettuce, Living Multileaf Trio (ea)

    Price $2.99
  • Inspired Greens Lettuce, Living Red Batavia (ea)

    Price $2.99
  • Kale, Green (ea)

    Price $2.49
  • Leek, Bunch (approx 222g) (each)

    Price $1.22
  • Lettuce, Green Leaf (ea)

    Price $2.49
  • Lettuce, Iceberg/Head (ea)

    Price $2.99
  • Lettuce, Romaine (ea)

    Price $2.49
  • Lettuce, Romaine Heart 3pk (ea)

    Price $4.49
  • Mushroom, Portabella (2 per pack) (approx 220g) (each)

    Price $5.04
  • Onion, Green (ea)

    Price $1.29
  • Onion, Red (approx 523g) (each)

    Price $1.72
  • Onion, Shallot (kg)

    Price $11.00
  • Onion, White (approx 291g) (each)

    Price $0.95
  • Onion, Yellow Jumbo (approx 314g) (each)

    Price $0.68
  • Onion, Yellow Medium (3lb)

    Price $2.49
  • Parsley (ea)

    Price $1.09
  • Parsley, Italian (ea)

    Price $1.09
  • Parsnip (1lb)

    Price $2.99
  • Pea, Snap (200g)

    Price $2.99
  • Pea, Snow (200g)

    Price $2.99
  • Pepper, Jalapeno (approx 40g) (each)

    Price $0.26
  • Pepper, Thai Chile (50g)

    Price $4.49
  • Potato, Baby Creamer Rainbow (kg)

    Price $5.49
  • Potato, Baby Creamer Red (kg)

    Price $5.49
  • Potato, Baby Creamer Yellow (kg)

    Price $5.49
  • Potato, Fingerlings Medley (kg)

    Price $8.80
  • Potato, Fingerlings Purple (kg)

    Price $6.59
  • Potato, Fingerlings Yellow Banana (kg)

    Price $6.59
  • Potato, Foil Wrapped (ea)

    Price $0.99
  • Potato, Red (5lb)

    Price $5.99
  • Potato, Red (approx 175g) (each)

    Price $0.57
  • Potato, Russet (5lb)

    Price $3.99
  • Potato, Russet Bulk (approx 376g) (each)

    Price $1.23
  • Potato, Yellow (5lb)

    Price $5.99
  • Potato, Yellow (approx 175g) (each)

    Price $0.57
  • Radish, Cello (1lb)

    Price $2.99
  • Rutabaga (approx 800g) (each)

    Price $2.81
  • Sprout, Bean (kg)

    Price $6.59
  • Sprout, Brussels (kg)

    Price $6.59
  • Squash, Acorn Green (approx 428g) (each)

    Price $1.40
  • Squash, Butternut (approx 730g) (each)

    Price $2.39
  • Squash, Spaghetti (approx 673g) (each)

    Price $2.21
  • Squash, Zucchini Green (approx 270g) (each)

    Price $1.19
  • Sweet Potato, Japanese/Oriental (kg)

    Price $5.05
  • Sweet Potato, Purple (each)

    Price $5.90
  • Sweet Potato, White Flesh (approx 800g) (each)

    Price $2.81
  • Watercress (Alberta Grown) (ea)

    Price $3.99
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