Fruit, Fresh

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  • Apple, Ambrosia (each)

    Price $1.13
  • Apple, Gala (each)

    Price $0.79
  • Apple, Granny Smith (each)

    Price $1.45
  • Avocado, X-LARGE (ea)

    Price $3.49
  • Banana (each)

    Price $0.35
  • Banana, Organic (each)

    Price $0.51
  • Berry, Blackberry 170g (1/2pt)

    Price $3.49
  • Berry, Blueberry 170g (1/2pt)

    Price $3.99
  • Berry, Raspberry 170g (1/2pt)

    Price $5.49
  • Berry, Strawberry (1lb)

    Price $8.99
  • Grapefruit (each)

    Price $1.22
  • Grapes, Green Seedless (kg)

    Price $7.69
  • Grapes, Red Seedless (kg)

    Price $6.59
  • Kiwi, Large (ea)

    Price $0.89
  • Lemon, Large (ea)

    Price $1.29
  • Lime (ea)

    Price $0.49
  • Mandarin, Chinese (5lb)

    Price $8.99
  • Mandarin, Chinese (kg)

    Price $4.39
  • Mandarin, Mini Honey (1.5lb)

    Price $3.49
  • Mandarin, Satsuma (kg)

    Price $7.91
  • Mandarin, Satsuma (Bag) (2lb)

    Price $4.99
  • Mandarin, Satsuma w/Stems & Leaves (kg)

    Price $7.69
  • Mango, Ataulfo (ea)

    Price $3.59
  • Mango, Large (ea)

    Price $3.99
  • Melon, Cantaloupe (each)

    Price $7.66
  • Melon, Honeydew (each)

    Price $8.46
  • Orange, Navel Large (each)

    Price $1.42
  • Organic, Mandarin Chinese (3lb)

    Price $6.49
  • Pear, Bosc (each)

    Price $0.88
  • Pear, Anjou (each)

    Price $1.45
  • Pear, Asian-Apple (each)

    Price $1.15
  • Pear, Bartlett (each)

    Price $0.89
  • Pear, Comice (each)

    Price $1.04
  • Pear, Fragrant (kg)

    Price $7.25
  • Pear, Seckle (each)

    Price $0.68
  • Pear, Starkrimson (kg)

    Price $4.39
  • Pineapple, Large (ea)

    Price $6.49
  • Pomegranate, Large (ea)

    Price $3.49
  • Watermelon, Red Whole Large (each)

    Price $18.08
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