Processed and Smoked Meat

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  • Cook & carve service: fee additional to the price of your Modena ham (indicate whole or carved, hot or cold) (each)

    Price $30.00
  • Soleterra Modena Ham (half) (4.5kg approx)

    Price $67.46
  • Soleterra Modena Ham with Herbs (half) (4.5kg approx)

    Price $67.46
  • Sunterra Back Bacon, Chunk (250g approx)

    Price $5.75
  • Sunterra Back Bacon, Sliced (250g approx)

    Price $6.25
  • Sunterra Bacon Bits (200g approx)

    Price $4.20
  • Sunterra Bacon, Country Style Sliced (250g approx)

    Price $6.00
  • Sunterra Bacon, Country Style Thick-Sliced (275g approx)

    Price $6.60
  • Sunterra Bacon, Maple Coppalino Sliced (250g approx)

    Price $6.00
  • Sunterra Bacon, Peppered (250g approx)

    Price $6.00
  • Sunterra Beef Jerky (100g approx)

    Price $7.19
  • Sunterra Farms Ham, Spiral-Cut (Boneless) (1.75kg approx)

    Price $27.98
  • Sunterra Farms Pork Ribs, Applewood Smoked (625g approx)

    Price $12.49
  • Sunterra Gammon Ham, Smoked Semi Boned (4kg approx)

    Price $55.96
  • Sunterra Ham Steaks (boneless)(275g approx)

    Price $4.67
  • Sunterra Ham, Bone-in Halves/Thirds (2.5kg approx)

    Price $27.48
  • Sunterra Ham, Smoked Shank End (2.5kg approx)

    Price $22.48
  • Sunterra Jerky and Pepperoni Snack Pack (each)

    Price $4.99
  • Sunterra Old Fashion Ham Nugget (1kg approx)

    Price $16.99
  • Sunterra Pepperoni Sticks (350g approx)

    Price $6.12
  • Sunterra Pepperoni Sticks Hot (350g approx)

    Price $6.12
  • Sunterra Ukranian Ring Sausage (415g approx)

    Price $6.64
  • Sunterra Whole Maple Glazed Hams (8kg approx)

    Price $87.92
  • Valbella Bacon, Beef (275g approx)

    Price $5.22
  • Valbella Beef Frankfurters (420g approx)

    Price $4.83
  • Valbella Classic Dogs (400g approx)

    Price $5.20
  • Valbella European Wieners (415g approx)

    Price $6.64
  • Valbella Gourmet Breakfast Sausage (320g approx)

    Price $4.80
  • Valbella Ham Ring, Garlic (410g approx)

    Price $6.97
  • Valbella Hot Dog Regular (285g approx)

    Price $3.56
  • Valbella Pork Chops, Smoked (550g approx)

    Price $10.44
  • Valbella Sausage, Bison Whiskey (440g approx)

    Price $9.68
  • Valbella Sausage, Chicken Apple (440g approx)

    Price $7.48
  • Valbella Sausage, Italian Turkey (440g approx)

    Price $7.48
  • Valbella Sausage, Lamb Moroccan (440g approx)

    Price $8.80
  • Valbella Sausage, Leek and Cabbage (440g approx)

    Price $8.36
  • Valbella Sausage, Mennonite (440g approx)

    Price $6.60
  • Valbella Sausage, Turkey Honey Garlic (440g approx)

    Price $7.48
  • Valbella Sausage, Tuscany (440g approx)

    Price $10.56
  • Valbella Sausage, Veal Bratwurst (440g approx)

    Price $7.92
  • Valbella Smoked Pork Hocks (700g approx)

    Price $6.43
  • Valbella Smokies, Cheese (440g approx)

    Price $6.60
  • Valbella Smokies, Regular (440g approx)

    Price $6.60
  • Valbella Smokies, Smoked Venison (440g approx)

    Price $9.68
  • Valbella Western Bratwurst (440g approx)

    Price $6.16
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