5 Tasty Recipes for Pork Month

June is pork month in Alberta and we're serving up pork like it's our business. Because it is! Sunterra not only includes everyone at Sunterra Market, but our folks at Sunterra Meats and Sunterra Farms as well. Our farm-fresh Alberta pork is grain fed, full of flavour and traceable from farm to fork. Try these perfectly porky recipes and share online using #DigThePig for a chance to be featured on our social channels! 

From the Shoulder

Shoulders have a beautiful marbling that requires low and slow cooking for the ultimate fall-off-the-fork, flavourful pork. Here's where you'll find our popular capicola collar steaks and roasts (perfect for pulled pork) and blade roasts.

Southwestern marinated pork capicola

Southwestern-Marinated Pork Capicola Steak Recipe

From the Loin

Here's the real primo stuff: meat from this area is the most tender. These cuts will cook fast, so don't overdo it! Pork is safe to eat when cooked to 160F (71C). Some meat department favourites include ultra-lean tenderloin, meaty back ribs, centre cut chops and roasts, sirloin chops (they come from the ham side and are fairly lean), rib chops (they come from the shoulder side and are more marbled) and rib roasts; the pork equivalent of prime rib.

Maple Whisky Barbeque Pork Chops Recipe

From the Rib

Not to be confused with back ribs, which come from, well... the back, side ribs are cut from the side. That makes them very flavourful, but not as meaty because they're cut very close to the bone to leave more of that coveted pork belly available. Like shoulder cuts, cook side ribs low and slow for tender, delicious meat.

Chipotle and Fennel Side Ribs Recipe

Chipotle Fennel Side Ribs

From the Belly

Fat is where it's at. At least that's what our resident meat expert Gary Smith says, and we won't argue. Bacon isn't everyone's favourite for no reason: it's full of flavour. You can also buy fresh pork belly and slow roast it in a marinade for incredibly juicy, rich meat.

Shoyu Pork Belly

Shoyu Pork Belly Recipe

From the Leg

Hams are made from the lean and meaty back leg. This is also where prosciutto comes from! Soleterra d'Italia's exceptionally tender hams are made in the new Soleterra d'Italia facility in Acme, Alberta with pork from Sunterra Farms. Modena hams are cooked without smoke for a deliciously natural flavour and smooth consistency that just melts in your mouth.

Soleterra d'Italia Ham

Honey and Cracked Pepper Ham Recipe

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